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Can You Take Miralax When Pregnant

This drug helps you've bowel movements more generally. Here’s what you should understand more about the security of using Miralax during pregnancy, including potential side effects.

Can You Take Miralax When Pregnant?
Your own body absorbs just a little bit of the drug, so Miralax is considered safe for short term use during pregnancy. Miralax is frequently a first option for relieving constipation during pregnancy, according to a source in American Family Physician for physicians.
Take Miralax When Pregnant
Because of this, some physicians may suggest using other drugs which have more research. These other alternatives include stimulant laxatives like bisacodyl (Dulcolax) and senna (Fletcher’s Laxative).

Speak with your physician, particularly if your constipation is intense before you use any medicine for constipation during pregnancy. Your physician might have to assess if there’s your symptoms being caused by another issue.

When used at routine doses, Miralax is considered well-tolerated, secure, and successful. However, like other drugs, Miralax can cause side effects in some individuals.

The more prevalent side effects of Miralax contain:

  • Tummy distress
  • cramping
  • bloating
  • gas

It might give you diarrhea and too many bowel movements than the dosage directions advocate, should you take more Miralax. Dehydration may be dangerous for you as well as your pregnancy. To find out more, read about the relevance of hydration during pregnancy. Make sure to follow along with the dosage directions on the package carefully, and ask your physician in case you have questions regarding dosage.

Options to Miralax
Remember, drugs aren’t the lone way to take care of constipation. Lifestyle changes can lessen your danger of constipation and raise how frequently you've got bowel movements. Below are some helpful adjustments you'll be able to make:

  • Drink lots of fluids, particularly water.
  • Eat foods full of fiber. Included in these are fruits (especially prunes), vegetables, and whole grain products.
  • Get regular exercise, but make sure you discuss to your physician before your activity level increases during pregnancy.
  • Ask your physician if you're able to take less iron if you’re taking an iron supplement or take it in smaller doses.

In addition , there are other OTC laxative drugs which are safe to utilize in the time of pregnancy. They comprise:

  • Dietary supplements like FiberChoice or Benefiber
  • Mass-forming agents for example Citrucel, FiberCon, or Metamucil
  • stool softeners for example Docusate
  • stimulant laxatives like senna or bisacodyl
  • Discuss to your physician before using some of the products.

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Discuss to your Physician
While Miralax is an effectual and safe alternative for treating constipation during pregnancy, you need to speak with your own doctor before utilizing it. How long should I wait to call you while using Miralax if I have constipation? Will Miralax socialize with any other drugs I’m taking? [geraldomi]

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Can You Take Miralax When Pregnant
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