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Can You Get Pregnant On Birth Control Pills ?

Over 12 million girls in America are on some type of oral birth control. Can You Get Pregnant On Birth Control Pills ? Yes. Your own risk of becoming pregnant increases if you’re on birth control. If you active, keep these factors in your mind and need to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

Success and Failure Rates of Birth Control Pills
Birth control pills are 99 percent successful ” which means taking the pill in exactly the same time daily without missing a dose, with “perfect use. “Typical use” is most girls take the pill, and it’s about 91 percent successful.
Can You Get Pregnant On Birth Control Pills
Many girls inadvertently miss a dose or forget to take up a fresh pack of pills. The possibilities for an unintended pregnancy go up when that occurs.

What Causes Birth Control to Neglect
Behaviors or specific states can raise the chance your birth control won’t be good at preventing pregnancy.

  • Dangerous alcohol consumption may also cause birth control malfunction. Some girls may forget to take their pill in the right time, while under the influence. In the event that you vomit after taking your pill, your body might not have the ability to consume some of the hormones. This can lead to a fall in your hormone levels, which might trigger ovulation.
  • You Took Specific Drugs. Rifampin is the sole antibiotic you must be worried about when you are on the pill, in line with the Mayo Clinic, also it is kind of infrequently prescribed today. You are good, in the event that you took other varieties of antibiotics.
  • You Can't Remember If You Took It. Imperfect use, or not taking your birth control when and how your're supposed to, is the number one reason it fails, according to Planned Parenthood. You don't have to take it with scientific precision, but you do need to take it around the same time every day, especially if you're taking progestin-only pills, or you could become pregnant. When in doubt, Planned Parenthood recommends using condoms for seven days after a missed pill, just in case.

The Best Way to Stop Birth Control Malfunction
If you’re on birth control keep these tips in your mind and need to stop pregnancy.

  • Be sure to take your birth control pill in precisely the same time daily. Place in your telephone in the event you must or see. It's also possible to consider taking the pill with a special day-to-day task, like during dinner or lunch.
  • In the event that you take progestin-only pills, you need to be especially cautious about taking the pill in exactly the same time daily. If you jump one completely or with a dose, your hormone levels can fall very fast. This could cause you to ovulate and that substantially increases your odds for becoming pregnant.
  • Utilize a backup system should you miss a dose or prevent sex for the next week. To be really careful, make use of a backup system, like a condom, or prevent sex for the following month.
  • Mix pill bunches usually include three weeks of active pills that have one week of inactivity, or placebo, pills and hormones. Doing this can enable you to remain in your routine, even though isn't medically necessary to take the placebo pills.
  • There’s a possibility that you might be late in beginning your next pill pack in the event you decide to skip the placebo pills. This cause you to ovulate and may interrupt your body’s anticipated amount of hormones. Your likelihood of being pregnant increase.
  • Don't combine alcohol with other drugs. Some prescription and over the counter drugs might interfere with your birth control’s effectiveness. Before beginning to take a brand new medicine, ask your physician or pharmacist should you make use of a back-up method of protection while taking this drug that is new.
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Can You Get Pregnant On Birth Control Pills ?
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